Erica Litle, Chemistry, 2020

Hometown: Collegeville, PA

Spirit Animal: Elephant

Favorite Element: Yttrium

Least Favorite Element: Niobium

Dream Car: Jeep Wrangler

Fun Fact: Self diagnosed with trypophobia

Research Bio: I first began my research in Dr. Niezgoda’s lab in the summer of 2018 for the summer scholars program. Since, I have been focusing upon custom tailoring a ligand for quantum dot syntheses before cleaving the ligand while it is attached to the dot. I hope to utilize my chemistry background in a unique manner through my studies at law school after undergrad. 

Jordan Butt, Chemistry/Bio/Math, 2021

Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Spirit Animal: American black bear

Favorite Element: Thulium

Least Favorite Element: Gold

Dream Car: Whatever gets the best MPGs

Fun Fact: Lost 110 lbs in the past year, writes poetry in spare time

Research Bio: Jordan is dedicated to his work. A triple major in chemistry, mathematics, and biology, he strives to understand and learn new things in each field. He hopes to one day merge all three of his fields in research.

Lucas Tortella, Chemistry, 2022

Hometown: Newtown Square, PA

Spirit Animal: Jaguar

Favorite Element: Francium

Least Favorite Element: Aluminum

Dream Car: 1997 Acura NSX

Fun Fact: I was impaled by a stick, right in the left butt cheek

Research Bio: Calling upon the power of chemistry to synthesize Cadmium Selenide/ Sulfide, with ligand ending in an alkyne. Planning to use the alkyne for click chemistry with an azide group, making a stable, permanent bond to unorthodox surfaces, or even... other quantum dots.


Griffin Spence, Chemistry, 2019

Currently: Ph.D. program in Chemistry at Virginia Commonwealth University

Summer '19