Niezgoda Group.jpg

Summer '19

Principle Investigator

J. Scott Niezgoda, PhD
Postdoc: Dr. Joshua Choi, University of Viginia
Grad School: Dr. Sandra Rosenthal, Vanderbilt University
Undergrad: Saint Joseph's University

Hometown: Hartly, DE
Spirit Animal: Owl
Favorite Element: Copper
Dream Car: Ferrari F40
Fun Fact: Used to play in a band (we clearly weren't that good)

Current Students

Lucas Tortella, Physics, 2022

Hometown: Newtown Square, PA
Spirit Animal: Jaguar
Favorite Element: Francium
Dream Car: 1997 Acura NSX
Fun Fact: I was impaled by a stick, right in the left butt cheek

Research Bio: Calling upon the power of chemistry to synthesize Cadmium Selenide/ Sulfide, with ligand ending in an alkyne. Planning to use the alkyne for click chemistry with an azide group, making a stable, permanent bond to unorthodox surfaces, or even... other quantum dots.


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Griffin Spence, Chemistry, 2019

Currently: Ph.D. program in Chemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University

Erica Litle, Chemistry, 2020

Currently: University of Arizona Law School

Jordan Butt, Chemistry/Bio/Math, 2021

Currently: Ph.D. program in Chemistry, University of Rochester