I think perhaps what has defined me most throughout my life in terms of my interests is my propensity to form boiling obsessions. Now, as I get older and perhaps wiser and hopefully only marginally more boring, I focus on using this healthy obsessiveness to continually evolve into a life that is uniquely my own. 

Left with the duty of deciding between culinary school and formal scientific education, I chose to keep cooking a hobby I enjoy rather than a job I might not (I still enjoy cooking). I attended Saint Joe's as a chemistry major, played guitar in a band, spent 5 months in Spain, hosted a college radio show, had a dance party or two, worked hard, and fell in love with the hunt for discovery. After graduating from SJU (THWND), I immediately moved to Nashville to join the chemistry department at Vanderbilt University in Dr. Sandra Rosenthal's lab where I earned my doctorate, bought my first house, and realized that I wasn't done making incredible friends. After leaving Dixie, I took some time to travel Asia with one of my brothers, and settled in to life as a Virginian. There, I began a position as a postdoc at the University of Virginia in Dr. Josh Choi's lab, where I studied the exciting material class known as perovskites for application in space travel. 

In april of 2016 I had the distinct privilege of marrying my best friend. Shortly thereafter, I excitedly accepted a position as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at my alma mater, SJU, and Anita and I now live together in Philadelphia with our son and two dogs. 

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