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Alternative Energies & Nanotechnology

Farraday and Dalton described the world we never knew with their chemical heyday. 

Einstein and Planck started their revolutions that, to this day, produce

experimental success and bewildered undergrads. 

Watson and Crick showed us what we are, and Pasteur helped many live long enough to appreciate it.  

Today, it's primetime for a materials science revolution. Our unprecidented adeptness at manipulating matter on the smallest scale is leading to a sea change in how we interact with eachother and the world.
here are some ways nanotechnologies will shape our future
drug delivery figure final
drinking water figure final
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Public Scientific Outreach

Science has been fringe for too long.

We need more scientists in politics and more scientists in Hollywood, but we must first start by dispelling the notion that scientific understanding requires one to speak Klingon.


With the help of student volunteers in the Molloy Chemical Society at Saint Joe's, we have established an alternative energies field trip program for public high school students in Philadelphia

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